Several big-name screenwriters and journalists have watched DREAMS ON SPEC and offered their praise:

"One of the best films of the year."
--Paul Guay, Co-writer, LIAR LIAR

"As an insiderís guide for screenwriters trying to crash the gates, DREAMS ON SPEC is Ė pardon the expression Ė pitch perfect."
--Steven E. de Souza, Screenwriter, DIE HARD

"A definite must-have for your DVD collection."
--Randy Barbato, Director, MONICA IN BLACK & WHITE

An "eye opening and provocative documentary. Ö Itís the first doco to examine the frustrating life of the lowly screenwriter."
--Anne Brodie, Monsters & Critics

"Why hasnít there been a look at screenwriters and their lives like this before? No matter, this documentary makes you wish for a series. Ö Director Snyder employs an effective, subtle style as he easily draws us into the ups and downs the artists go through."
--Adam Barnick, Entertainment Insiders

"Fascinating and extremely well-articulated stuff."
--Ed Solomon, Screenwriter, MEN IN BLACK

"An absorbing, entertaining and accurate look at the perils and promise of screenwriting. Manages to be both honest and compassionate."
--Dennis Palumbo, Screenwriter, MY FAVORITE YEAR

"The interviews with the WGA veterans are Ö film lore treasures. The film segments with the Gotta-be screenwriters is grist for the tyro writer's mind."
--Lew Hunter, Screenwriting Guru

"The end result is a film that is educational for screenwriters at all levels, while being entertaining and universal enough to appeal to viewers who don't know their INT. from the EXT."
--Josh Spector, Creative Screenwriting Magazine

"All aspects of this production are top-notch. Bonus material on the DVD includes additional interviews with the Ö pro scribes and is full of valuable insight. If youíre a screenwriter, budding or pro, you will not want to miss this engrossing documentary. Youíll laugh, youíll cry, youíll get a real feeling for what a roller-coaster this business of screenwriting can be."
--Jim Vines, The Working Screenwriter