When DREAMS ON SPEC'S director Daniel Snyder was attending UCLA, he worked alongside aspiring writer/directors Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary in the famed Video Archives video store in Manhattan Beach, California.

From Quentin and Roger, Snyder learned the passion that filmmakers must have for their screenplays and how much work it requires to get them made into films. Tarantino, for example, doggedly pitched his screenplays for True Romance, Natural Born Killers, and Reservoir Dogs for more than four years before he hit pay dirt.

By 2004, Snyder was an experienced documentary filmmaker looking around for his next project. He decided to focus what hed seen back in his video store days, the passion and the perseverance required to succeed in Hollywood. With tens of thousands of scripts written every year in the United States and so few produced, why do so many people spend so much time working on something that has so little chance of ever being realized?

To find the answer to this question, he spent a year following three aspiring screenwriters as they pursued their dreams. He then interviewed nearly a dozen fabulously successful Hollywood scribes. The result is a rare look at why and how so many people these days sacrifice so much to write the great American screenplay.